Wow, Tomorrow is June!

Hello June! Hello Summer time! 

My, oh my, how things change in one year’s time. Last year at this time I was full force on my weight loss journey. I think I might have weighed less than I do right now, lol! Granted, I wasn’t 20 weeks pregnant, either! 

Btw! I just hit 20 weeks this past Sunday! My Lillian Joy has 19 weeks or less until her arrival 🙂 my baby bump is very prominent now and I’m up to 242 lbs. UGH! Yeah, for those of you who followef me, my lowest weight was 212.8, which i hit the week before i found out o was pregnant. That means ive gained 30 freaking lbs. 30lbs. This is what happens when you can’t and don’t eat right. This is what happens when you don’t exercise hard. 

I have no energy. I keep wondering where the heck my second trimester energy is? Hello? Body?? Did you miss the memo? The second trimester is supposed to make you feel normal again. Instead, I’m just as tired and exhausted as I was in my first trimester :/ maybe even worse. Being pregnant at 33/34 is much harder than It was being pregnant at 28/29.
Over all, all is good. I’m feeling the baby kick more often now and things seem fine. I had my anatomy scan a couple of weeks ago and everything looked great. I’m so thankful for this little miracle growing inside of me! 

But, I can’t wait to get back to weight loss! Ha! I miss my “new” old body. But, right now, it’s all about Lillian. I’ll get back there eventually!

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