MIA with big news

I’ve been MIA. For those of you that follow my IG, you know that that is because I’m pregnant! I’m 17 weeks along today with a baby girl! She was a huge surprise, as we thought we were one and done with our son 5 years ago!

My pregnancy had a rocky start and I was put on pelvic rest and told “no exercise” for the first trimester due to random bleeding episodes (apparently, my cervix was extra sensitive). 

I was taken off those restrictions around 11 weeks, but I had no energy to do anything but work. I gained 17lbs in my first trimester 😦 but, I havent gained anything since then! I’m hovering right around 230-232lbs. If I can stay under 240, I’ll be happy.

I haven’t been able to eat veggies or much meat protein which really messed my program up! I’m just now starting to come around to stomaching those things once again. I tried jogging on the elliptical, but found thats not going to be okay while I’m pregnant, as I cannot keep my heart rate under 140. So walking it is. I have some “walk off the weight” dvds from the last time was pregnant and plan to start doing those this week. 

Everything is different this pregnancy. I’m more exhausted, I had more morning sickness, I was sick with a sinus infection for 10 weeks, and I started showing much earlier! This pic was about a week and a half ago:

I’m super excited to get to (hopefully) Oct and meet my baby girl and then it’s back to my weight loss journey. 

I’m on baby watch starting the second week of Sept since my son came at 35 weeks. I have a uterine anomaly that causes preterm birth in many instances, however, we are taking extra precautions this time since we know about it. I’ll get steroids at 28 weeks to help mature her lungs and I’ll have weekly checkups after 30 weeks. If it looks like labor is imminent before 35 weeks, they will try to stop it. I have to have a repeat csection because of my anomaly, so they’ll be taking the baby at 39 weeks if I can keep her in until then!

Life is good. I hope it is for you, as well.

9 thoughts on “MIA with big news

  1. Congrats and rest! It will all come in time. A healthy baby and a healthy you is what is important right now. 😉 Keep her in there as long as you can and there will be time for exercise later.

  2. Congratulations! One of my friends was just put on pelvic rest for the same reason this weekend. Happy to hear you’re doing well!

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