When you have no actual friends in real life (that you trust with sensitive matters) and you reach out to online friends that you can tell everything to and they ignore you.

17 thoughts on “Blah.

      • I have a narcissistic bi-polar, drug-addicted mother, a mentally and verbally and physically abusive ex-fiance, another ex that cheated his way through four years of relationship (including trying to sleep with my mom) … girl there isn’t any burden to be put from you to anyone else. Everyone has shit. Everyone has demons. Sometimes you have to be able to let them out so that hopefully they will run away and not come back.

  1. I’m sorry you feel alone. That is one of the worst feelings. Everyone needs a reliable confidant.

    I can relate because all of my best friends have moved – STATES away. There is no one to run to, no shoulder to lean on when times get tough unless I count my boyfriend. And sometimes bf/husbands just aren’t the people you need to spill feelings to, for whatever reason.

    I’ve also waited online to spill my guts and that certain friend isn’t there or feels they are neck deep in their own problems. And it’s rough because online culture is SO casual, but your feelings matter, are valid, and responsiveness is something you need ASAP.

    Please try to communicate urgency? Let them know plainly this is VERY important to you. Sometimes that gets lost online too.

    Thinking of you, I hope the friend(s) come around and whatever you’re dealing with improves. ❤

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