It’s a new year and I’ve started Jillian’s Body Shred! It’s a 60 day program that gets increasingly harder every two weeks, like body revolution did,  but this starts out at a harder level. I started with cardio 1 yesterday because I really shouldn’t have started the program until today  (I need my rest day on Thursdays). Anyway, it’s crazy!

I’ve also got my meal plan under control now. I’m eating 40/40/20, with the brunt of my carbs (carbs that don’t come from veggies, if you will) coming 2 hours before and directly after my workout. I’m shooting for approx 1700 calories a day on workout days.

My goal is to lose 40-45lbs this year. I’m starting at 218.2lbs, which is up 2.8lbs from before Christmas, lol. Weigh ins will be on Saturday mornings. I need to take some measurements and before pics today to compare at the end of this new fitness program!

I felt really pretty Saturday night at our New Year’s party. (Edited to remove personal stuff )


Well, here’s to another year working on me. I hope you all have great success with your resolutions and journeys this year!!

4 thoughts on “2017

    • Thank you! Yeah…I’m thinking it probably wasn’t “bad” talk. I’m guessing it was more “omg, I can’t believe she looks like that now” or “That’s his wife”. I mean, really what could she possibly say? She slept with my husband…she blackmailed him for months. She told everyone after it came out that he paid her for sex and he had brought her home to me to propose a threesome and I said no..she only made herself look like a prostituting whore.

  1. You looked truly lovely. How unpleasant to have that experience, but I hope you can try and put it behind you and go forward.
    You’ve set yourself a really realistic goal and attainable. I look forward to seeing you achieve it.

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