So Much Going On

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already know and have seen all this stuff.

I took my last Transformation Tuesday pic for this year (I won’t take another until I finish phase 3 of body revolution and that won’t happen until the first week of January)…You’ve already seen the after pic, but here’s a side by side of December 2016 vs where I was in January 2016. 55 lbs down and a whole lot of muscle gain.



I’m in awe of how different I look. I’m positive I’d be at a 70+ lb loss if I hadn’t gained so much muscle.

And I’m learning guitar. I am trying so hard. I’m like a virtuoso on any wind instrument. If I can put it up to my mouth I’ll play you a song within an hour. Strings are much harder for me….but I’ve been practicing every day this week. I know 11 notes and 5 chords (although, I can’t switch chords quickly yet), but this is me practicing last night. My thought when I saw this pic after it was taken was “is that really me? I look so normal sized.”


And yes, that’s a Ravenclaw shirt. #HarryPotterForever #RAVENCLAW

So that’s that. My life in a nutshell right now. Being happy. Wow. I’m happy.

17 thoughts on “So Much Going On

    • Thank you! I’m just trying to find my happiness. It’s been a weird during the last two years period 2015 was the worst year of my life coupled with 2014. I’m just to that point where I’m 33 years old and I’m finally trying to figure out what makes me happy.

      • Oh gosh, well I’m sorry about the bad years.. I have recently found a path that makes me happy and i didn’t know how unhappy i was until I had that contrast. I am so glad i found your blog & definitely will be reading along :)) I feel like we are all trying to figure it out even if we dont know it yet lol.

    • Thank you! I use an app called photo layers. You have to use a picture that’s in almost the exact same place as the one before. Or it’s really hard to get them to look right.

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