So THIS Happened…

No Scale November is over so I resumed my Saturday weigh-in this weekend. 

I’ve been sick…for over three weeks. I was sure it was a sinus infection, but because of my antibiotic allergies, I try to wait it out. I succumbed to it and went to the doc Monday night. sinus infection for sure. I didn’t work out the entire week.

I stepped on the scale Saturday and 217.6 popped up. Wait, what? 217.6 lbs? really? I finally did it? I finally beat my plateau???

Yes, yes I did:

I’m feeling loads better, so I’m gonna kick it back into high gear tomorrow with Phase 3. I’m now a week behind, but it’s all good. I’m not gonna sweat it!
I was feeling so great that I took a new progress pic to show the difference from the end of Phase 1 to the beginning of Phase 3.

Cheers to happy dancing.

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