No Scale November

I am deeming this month “No Scale November”! I’m trying to focus less on the number on the scale and more on becoming healthy. 

I’m more than half way through Jillian’s Body Revolution and feeling great! I am already thinking about the future and what how I will attack next year. 

This year was about setting big goals and making small weekly goals to get there. I had a goal weight each week and and hit it almost always through the first half of the year. Then I plateaud… 

Next year I think I’m going to focus on challenging myself fitness wise instead of setting goal weights. I want to reach my goal weight in 2017 (175lbs), but I do not want to be so focused on it that I get stressed out and bummed. It will come in time! I will get there! I think I’m going to do another round of body revolution when this one is done. I also think I’m going to stick with weight watchers. I like eating all foods in moderation!

So, that’s it…no weigh-in until Dec! 

12 thoughts on “No Scale November

  1. I can’t imagine a healthier, more conducive way to better health. I applaud your thoughts of setting different goals and remaining undeterred by plateaus. Has meditation played a role in your overall health? You have the mindfulness I’d attribute that to, Courtney.

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