Weekly Weigh-In: Week 44


So, I thought the scale was starting to love me again! I was wrong! ARGH. 223.4 lbs this week, which is a gain of 0.4 lbs from last Thursday. Now Saturday I saw 221.8 lbs on that scale, so this is quite disappointing. I’m wondering if I need to change my weigh-in day since I changed my workout schedule? I don’t really know.


The main thing is that I’m feeling great and I’m looking so much more toned than before. I am noticeably more toned and thinner looking than when I started Body Revolution 30+ days ago! I made a layered “fully clothed” pic this week to see the change from Jan to now. The darker part is now…pink outline is January. so that’s something!!!


I worked out hard the entire week! And twice yesterday! It was cardio day and I decided that I wanted to “take a run” on the elliptical last night. It was nice to get reacquainted with it. These were my workouts from last Friday to yesterday….(two from yesterday):

As you can see, I am consistently burning a shit load of calories each day…but I’m also strength training like a madman during 4 of those 6 days a week workouts…so maybe the muscle really is stalling that number on the scale. My calories are ranging from 1400-1700, so I’m not pigging out or anything!

I’m enjoying eating like a “normal” person…it’s nice. However, I really do think I’d be losing a lot more weight if I were eating low carb again. I can tell you that if that number on the scale doesn’t read 215 or lower by the end of the year, it’s back to low carb Jan 1st. I should be able to lose 8-10 freaking lbs in 2 months, damn it.

Anyway, I hope you all have great weigh-ins this week! Have a great day!

18 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In: Week 44

  1. So…..I read your blog from time to time, but never really commented! Girl, you and I both must’ve went through some stuff with our hubby! I’m coming up on my 13 year anniversary and sometimes I wonder “it has to be love to have stayed this long” LOL! That little gain ain’t nothing and you are FOR REAL killin it on your work outs!!

    • Awe, thank you! Yeah…we’ve had some rough times…he had a full blown affair in 2014…kind of back fired on him because he was using her and she ended up pretty much blackmailing him…that affair coming out led to the admittance of a few one night stands over the earlybpart of our marriage…one stupid thing he did, which turned out to be his saving grace, was that he introduced me to her and she tried to befriend me about 4 months prior to my ultimatum of “me or her”. They swore they were just friends, but I clearly saw what was going on…so I kept her close…I learned that she honestly is a sociopath….she was amazing at manipulation and destruction and making herself out to be a victim in everything. Not even exaggerating – she really is a horrible person. I wish I could explain why I say that, but you prob wouldn’t believe me! Lol

      • Girl, try me! You wouldn’t believe some of things mine did. We had major issues before we even got married (which makes me wonder why I still married him) and then again around the 3 or 5 yr mark. I’m always suspicious of him, I’m not sure that will ever go away……. I’m so glad you’re working on yourself-the best version of you is the best revenge LOL!!!

      • Well, I’m glad you are too! And this chick makes sure she shows up at ANY event she knows we will be at – even our motorcycle groups New Years party where she knows she is not welcome! LOL I felt pretty damn good when she showed up to a wedding I was singing at this summer. She knew the groom well, so I asked if she would be there and the bride said yes. So, I was able to prepare myself. She walked in during the reception, about 10 min before I sang (she had no idea I was singing). Of all the open tables, she decided to sit right behind us! WTF. lol…It looked like she had gained the 50lbs I had lost. It made me feel pretty damn good.

        The husband and I are involved in the Narcotics Anonymous community and that’s actually how he met her…(before I got involved in it, too. We are recovering addicts. I was a once a week addict from 2005/6 to 2009…got clean all by myself, but never admitted I was an addict…finally started NA to work through the addiction in 2014). Anyway, she has been a junkie since she was really young – like 14ish (and she is 10 years older than me). She has been in and out of prison for the last 12 years because of meth (making, selling, using). She claimed she is a lesbian, yet she preys on married men (this is a fact – I think because of the no commitment thing? IDK). She has three kids and always put drugs before them (which happens sometimes, but she’s a bitch so, yeah). Her middle daughter ran off at the age of 12 and got sold into the sex trade on the east coast while she was in prison. She was married for a long time, but he committed suicide in 2009…then her oldest daughter (not the one who ran off) committed suicide in 2013 while she was in prison. Her son is her youngest and I feel so bad for him. He’s 22 or 23 now and, unfortunately, an addict too 😦 I would watch her talk about all these horrible things that have happened in her life, yet she would never take responsibility for any of it…and she would “cry”a lot when she shared, but she didn’t actually shed real tears…she is very well spoken and very easy to talk to – she listens well, but then uses what you’ve said to her advantage. It’s quite a show. Everybody is out to get her and nobody is safe. She is a user of people and she doesn’t care who she hurts – her family or other people – as long as she benefits.

        She tried so hard to hang out with me…she wanted so badly to make sure she could get something on me so she could get my husband to leave me…he was so relieved when I gave him the ultimatum.

        And that was my rant about that!

      • O my goodness you need to have your own reality show (or maybe she does LOL!) that’s horrible, but I’m so glad #1 that you’ve recovered #2 that your husband didn’t get even more caught up with her than he did and #3 that you were smart enough to know who/what kind of “person” she was! Also, great going on showing her up at that wedding, you had to feel SO good that you looked better AND still kept your man!!!

      • Thanks 🙂 There’s a little part of me that feels sorry for her – honestly. It’s quite annoying, but it just reminds me that I am a better human being than she will ever be!

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