Another Monday…(and a recipe)

I slept on my arm weirdly last night, I guess, and my left side rotator cuff is really bothering me this morning. Hmm. It’s quite annoying. I will not let it be an excuse not to exercise today, though. I know there is no major or minor damage to it…it’s just sore because I was dead asleep with my arm over my head last night.

I got a small taste of workouts 3 & 4 in Jillian’s Body Revolution. Friday was workout 3 and Saturday was workout 4. I seem to like the backside day better than the front side day, LOL. Those two workouts were quite a bit tougher than weeks 1 and 2, and combined with Cardio 2, made me exhausted yesterday afternoon. But, YAY (in my most sarcastic voice), I get to start the 3 day circuit over again today.

I’m noticing subtle changes in my body, though, which is great. I haven’t really lost weight, but I am definitely seeing some toning going on. My biceps are popping out, my butt is lifting a bit, my legs seem a little slimmer, and my waist seems a bit smaller (I haven’t measured, but some capris that were kind of tight seemed to be a little looser in the waist and thighs…not a lot though, LOL, but some). I do know that my body is pretty sore. It’s a good sore, though.

As for Weight Watchers – Yesterday I stuck to my points. I only ate 3 extra points, but I had earned 23 fit points yesterday from my workout and activity. I was pretty satisfied with my food intake. I ended up at 1585 calories. I had burned 453 in my cardio workout. If you subtract my workout from my calories in that makes a true calories in of 1132. I’m going to try to stick to my points without eating more than 6 extra per workout day. We’ll see if I start losing weight again. If I don’t, then I know for sure I have to eat low carb. I did prepare myself for this week a bit better this weekend….I got some fruit and veggies to snack on (though, not a ton of fruit) and I bought some peanut butter and rice cakes. The peanut butter should help me get more calories without skyrocketing my points. I tried about a 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter on a popcorn rice cake and it was delicious and only 2 points. I also bought some stuff to make my own breakfast casserole. A 13×9 pan makes 6 servings and it only ended up being 4 points a serving (I did not add this recipe to WW. I added it to MFP and then calculated the points with the WW app.)

RECIPE (Serves 6, 4 smart points per serving):

2 cups of frozen hash brown potatoes (or ~145 grams)
3 large eggs
6 egg whites
5 oz Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Crumbles
8 oz Diced Ham

Preheat oven to 350°F
Spray 13×9 dish with grease
Mix up eggs and egg whites (salt and pepper to taste)
Add all the ingredients to the pan and mix thoroughly
Bake for 30 min.

Nutrition: 163 Calories; 6.9g Fat; 2.1g Sat Fat; 7g Carb; 0.6g Fiber; 1.7g Sugar; 17.4g Protein; 4 Smart Points.

You can top with cheese, but remember to add points for that. I added spinach to mine, too….just a cup, no extra points.

It’s yummy 🙂

Yesterday afternoon (after church and my crazy cardio workout) the hubby asked me to lay with him on the couch. (This is totally not usual, so of course I did it). We had a lazy afternoon. My boy was a bit jealous that daddy was cuddling mommy, LOL…kind of cute, a bit annoying.

It was a nice weekend. A bit busy Saturday….way too fast, but a nice weekend. This coming weekend will be crazy busy and I’m still not sure how I’m going to fit my workout in on Sunday, but I will do it at some point…maybe before church….who knows!




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