Whoa There, Girlie –

Yesterday I made this post talking about some of my thoughts about Weight Watchers and smart points and the drawbacks of the new smart points system.

I did some more researching on the new Fit Points. Obviously I knew there was an option for swapping Fit Points out for Food Points, but what I researched first led me to the conclusion that I should not do this. WW actually says to try it and if you lose weight – GREAT! KEEP DOING IT! If not, try to cut your points back and find your number. I decided today to start swapping my fit points for food since I have been concerned about the amount of calories I’m eating.

You see, today I started the second half of Jillian’s Phase 1 (Body Revolution). My FitBit Blaze said I burned approximately 398 calories. My Fitness Pal says I need to eat around 1420 calories a day to lose weight (without exercising). I tracked all the food I will be eating today, zero-ing out my WW points (without swapping any points) and I hit 1365 calories. MFP says I need to add back in approximately 398 calories to compensate for my workout, to which I really should only eat 50-75% of those to because of the possible over estimating of calories burned….So today I should be eating somewhere around 1650 calories. I need to eat 250-260 more calories to reach that, but I’m out of points….but, wait….I’ve earned 14 fit points today, of which 9 are available to swap…I can totally get 255 calories out of 9 points! That should totally help me reach my calorie goal!

So let’s give this another try…one foot in front of the other. I better see some numbers drop on that scale next week! LOL

3 thoughts on “Whoa There, Girlie –

  1. Thank you for going into detail on your low carbing and now Weight Watchers plan! I’m taking now of the differences and changes.

    I joined WW several years ago before they revamped stuff and I GAINED weight on it. I wasn’t making the wisest food choices, just getting things to fit the points allotted. It sounds like the new plan is awesome and worth reconsidering in the future.

    • You’re welcome! I’m all about honesty on this journey. Trying to find what works for me. I can tell you that if that scale doesnt start moving, I’m going back to low carb for sure.

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