I Do Believe This Is “Normal”!

I logged all of the food I’m going to eat today and I’ll have 1 smart point to spare. I’m still concerned about my calories in vs calories out, though….MFP says I’ll have eaten 1256 calories by the end of the day. My net carbs are still under 100. And, is that a “normal” person’s ratio in that third picture? 40/30/30??? (Or pretty damn close, anyway).


In case you’re wondering what that looks like on Weight Watchers this is my food list:

I wouldn’t generally have soup twice, but, man, it’s good stuff 🙂 Homemade Chicken Enchilada Soup 🙂 NOM NOM. I’m surprised at how good it is because I didn’t follow a recipe – I just threw some ingredients that I had on hand together. I’m feeding the husband and kid sweet and sour chicken and fried rice for dinner. I didn’t want that, so I’ll be having a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and enchilada soup. I also have had some random veggies…all of which have zero points…I just chose not to track them.

I did Cardio 2 of Jillian’s Body Revolution yesterday then weeded a large area around our house, between the house and deck. It was horrible and took two and a half hours. That was after I ran (by hand and foot!) 5 loads of boxes to be burned out to our burn pile, which is a couple of football fields away from our house. Saturday was a zoo day and we walked sooooo much! Today I did Phase 1 Workout 1 of the Body Revolution and to say I’m ‘sore’ is an understatement, hahaha!

Even though I ate horribly yesterday, my calories out was way higher than my calories in. And I’m working hard to stick to my WW points this week. I had better see that scale move down on Thursday.

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