Hello Again, My Old Friend…

I’m trying Weight Watchers once again. I started WW early in 2015 and had some success at first, but after about 3 months, I binged and that was it – I wasn’t exercising, though. I tried another time later that year, but I still wasn’t exercising, didn’t stick to my points because I ‘couldn’t’ control myself, and didn’t lose any weight, so I went back to low carb on Dec 23, 2015. (Also note, that 2015 was a bit of a hard year for me. I became deeply depressed around March, after finally stepping out of denial from a personal event that was out of my hands and didn’t come out of that depression until Sept/Oct….it’s no wonder I couldn’t get the weight loss thing together.)

Anyway, I stuck with low carb, changing to Keto after a plateau in April (I think?)…Keto helped me through my plateau and I lost 50lbs by June 22, 2016. But then I plateau’d….and I got lazy… I have been in the 222-227 lb range since 6/22/16 – That’s over 3 months, people. Granted, I didn’t work out much at all in August and only sporadically this month. All in all, I’ve just been maintaining – at least I haven’t been gaining, right?

Last Friday marked the beginning of my new workout program – 90 days of Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution. I’m on Day 5 of the 90 day program. It’s a lot of muscle training, as opposed to the cardio that I was doing. I know that muscles need protein as well as good carbs.  I also know that I have a very hard time controlling myself eating like a “normal” person, so I am willing to give Weight Watchers a true test – this time sticking to my points and sticking to my work out program.

I signed up for three months…if I don’t see some weight loss after month one and I’ve stuck to the program, then I’ll know for sure that I cannot eat like a normal person. I’m trying to stick to clean foods, not processed, no white foods, and veggies for carbs as opposed to fruits (as I know I cannot control myself at all with fruit). Keep your fingers crossed for me. Logically, there is no reason why I can’t eat like a normal person and lose weight…I think it has everything to do with self control and nothing to do with how my body processes the food I eat.

12 thoughts on “Hello Again, My Old Friend…

  1. I feel your pain! I Was in WW for about 3 months and fluctuated with losing and not. I felt bad because it wasn’t a good fit for me but PLENTY of those ladies lost a lot and look amazing!
    You can do it – and remember we all go through hard times. I lost 33 and gained it ALL back! Now I’m busting my butt harder than ever!
    You can do it!!!

  2. Are you going to groups or doing it by yourself? I think one of the major advantages of ww (which is essentially calorie counting made simple) is the group support.
    Good luck, and good on you for trying something new of what you were doing wasn’t working.

    • I am doing it online. There are no meetings around me. The closest is about 45 min away. I’ve done it before and liked the simplicity of it and the fact that I could eat “normal” food…however, those extra “weekly smart points” can be the devil….I see them there and it’s like “Hey, you should use those”….I think for me, I just need to concentrate on portion control and I can do that calorie counting, however, I do like seeing it in point form for some reason. It makes it better for me.

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