Friday is the Start!

I have had a terrible headache for three days now – a sinus headache.  It has mostly subsided this afternoon (finally). It’s still there, but I can actually concentrate without getting nauseous, so this is good news! I’m pretty positive I’m coming down with a sinus infection, but I have to wait it out to see if it’ll clear on it’s own since I’m allergic to -cillins and their relatives (ANNOYING!) – my list of antibiotics I can take gets smaller each time I try a new one for the second time.

I didn’t work out yesterday because the headache was so bad that I kept getting dizzy and light headed. As I worked at my desk the headache worsened. The more I tried to focus on something (my job involves a lot of math and detail) the more nauseous I got. I woke up this morning feeling just as horrible, but trekked to work anyway because I had work that was started yesterday, that had to get done today. I took some Mucinex D and some headache medicine and the headache has become tolerable this afternoon, so I’m hoping this means it will be gone soon. Obviously, I didn’t work out today either.

So much for starting Body Revolution Monday, LOL. It’s always something it seems. Well, as long as I’m feeling okay, Friday it begins. No more excuses (unless they are totally valid, like the headache!). Damn it, I want to see 199 by 12/31/16. I have 25ish pounds to lose. I can do this.

10 thoughts on “Friday is the Start!

  1. Oh no! I know sinus crap all too well. Chronic sinusitis sufferer here. :-/ Have you tried or considered a nasal rinse system for relief? It doesn’t always work when you have sinus pressure but it helps me out a lot.

    Feel better!

  2. ugh I hate sinus headaches!! Try using some vicks vapor rub around nose. A trick my hubby uses is to rub vicks on his face where his sinuses are, then put a knit hat on, and go to bed. You’ll feel amazing tomorrow!

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