15 Weeks!

There are 15 full weeks left of 2016! That’s it! Can you believe it?
The Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution is 13 weeks long, so this is going to work out nicely for me…I’ll finish Body Revolution and have a couple of weeks before goal day 🙂

I’m not counting last week as the beginning of Body Revoluton since I kind of hurt myself….I ended up pinching my sciatic nerve and it is still bothering me – not my hip and leg, but up into my shoulder and neck. I will recover though! 

I took measurements and pictures today. I think I’ll take progress measurements and pictures after each phase is completed. 

One thing I was kind of excited about was that I took the opportunity to clean out some clothing this weekend…lingerie, in particular. Apparently I need to purchase some new items….

This was my favorite corset, but now I can’t wear it. It’s tightened as much as possible and I still had to cinch it behind my back to keep it from falling off. I suppose this is a good problem!!!

I’m going to try to do Body Revolution exactly how it says to do it. I’m going to be smarter this week and use a mat for the high impact moves…hopefully that’ll keep me from annoying my sciatic nerve again!

Cheers to the last 15 weeks of 2016!

7 thoughts on “15 Weeks!

  1. Hi Glad you liked my hair skin and nails I have added some more on beauty on that page. I hope you find time to read your new book and gain some insight. Still surprised there’s 15 weeks left this year as I’m hoping to reach my goals by my birthday in November. See how something’s can motivate the goals! Feeling positive 🙂

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