Day 3 and a Few Pounds…


It’s day 3. When I hopped on the scale Monday morning for a starting point, 230.4 lbs popped up. It wasn’t a fluke. I had seen 230 a couple of other times last week (which was sorely depressing, I must admit). I had been holding steady at 222-225.0 lbs, but I think my lack of exercise and just eating as I pleased for a month had finally caught up with me by last Thursday…230 it was…ARGH.

I changed my diet back to low carb on Monday and have done well with it so far (however, I am kind of carb loading with greek yogurt and vegetable soup after my work out – the veggie soup has squash in it, so it isn’t exactly “low carb”). My body is pretty sore from the first two days of Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution, too. It feels good to feel sore from working out…

Anyway, I “unofficially” stepped on the scale this morning and I was back down to 227.2 lbs, so I’ve, thankfully, lost 3.2 lbs in 2 days 🙂 Yes, I do realize that my body is detoxing and it’s probably water weight…but it’s nice to not see 230 anymore, so just be happy for me! LOL

Today is Cardio day and, while I’m pretty stinking sore, I’m looking forward to it. Cardio workouts always seem to fly by and I love seeing big calories burned numbers on my Fitbit, as opposed to 250-350 calories when I weight train…

12 thoughts on “Day 3 and a Few Pounds…

  1. i just recently tweeked something in my diet and am seeing results. not sure if you already do this or not. i have a hard time choking down breakfast early in the morning so i was just putting a scoop of protein powder in my coffee first thing and then eating “second breakfast” about 3 hours later. this week i’ve changed nothing except i eliminated the scoop of protein and am forcing my eggs and oatmeal down as soon as i wake up…and the scale is moving!!!

    • I have no prob eating breakfast anymore…i used to with hot breakfast anyway….when I eat low carb I have eggs for bfast every day now 🙂 I can’t eat grain carbs. I am an addict. It sucks. I have to stick with veggie carbs. I have coffee at 5:30 and bfast 1 at 7am (2 eggs and turkey bacon)…bfast 2 at 9:30 (high protein / low carb shake)….lunch after my workout (veggie soup and greek yogurt), snack at 2:30 (string cheese and low sodium lunch meat) and dinner at 5:30 (protein, veggies).

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