Weekly Weigh In: Week 35


I’m feeling much better about myself this week. I guess sometimes we just can’t help but to feel icky about ourselves.

I’m pretty sure I’ve reset my body. Last time I stepped on the scale (before today) it read 227.0 lbs. I was ashamed and annoyed. I mean, damn it…I was just at 221.6…I’ve been stalled for 2 months….I felt like I was never going to see a number less than 220.0 lbs.

I’ve eaten pretty ‘normal’ for the last two weeks. Not really counting carbs, not really counting calories (however, not really pigging out or going overboard either). And I decided to restart low carb on Tuesday. I updated my end of the year goal and weight loss journal (again, yes, I know)…


My realistic goal for Dec 31, 2016 is 195 lbs. I’ve taken the week off from working out. I haven’t been sleeping well at all and my back has been killing me. I think my body needed a rest. My new mattress should be here today. It was supposed to be here yesterday, but the truck it was on broke down…or so they say. It better come today. This girl needs a good night’s sleep!

Anyway, I weighed in this morning and I’m back to 222.0 lbs. Which is great! I’m hoping I create a small buffer between what I should weigh and what I actually weigh and that I truly have reset my body and it’ll start losing again. We will see!


I’m back to cooking two different meals again, if the guys want something I know I shouldn’t eat. Tuesday night we had tacos, so I made myself a “taco bowl” and used scrambled eggs as the base instead of tortillas or chips. It wasn’t bad at all. My son, who is 4, asked me to make spaghetti last night…so, of course, I made him and daddy spaghetti. I made myself a chicken, green bean, and carrot dish. The sauce was italian dressing. It was delicious!


I mentioned to my husband on Tuesday night that I really wanted some wings – that I was craving wings. His response was “man, you really are off the wagon?”….This was probably the third jab at me in the week that my husband has made regarding my eating. Men reading this – don’t comment about the food your wife is eating or her weight unless you’re being positive about it. Look, I know I’m fat and I know I shouldn’t be eating what I’m eating because I’m supposed to be trying to lose weight. But, damn it! It gets tiring eating low carb. I get burned out tracking every little thing. If I need a break I need a break. I didn’t go crazy. I had a little ice cream (like 1 cup). I had some tortilla chips at the mexican restaurant. Get over it.

Anyway – I seem to be back on track now for good. I’m trying to stay at or under 40 carbs a day, with most of my carbs coming from veggies. As I’ve said before my body just doesn’t handle grains and fruit very well. I need veggies and meat.

BTW – if anybody has any ideas on how to make squash crispy like french fries, please tell me! I really love squash, but I don’t like it mushy. I need guidance on this.

Workouts start back up on Monday πŸ™‚

24 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In: Week 35

  1. My husband has made cutesy comments before, and when I got bent out of shape about it he responded with “You complain all of the time about how big you are, how you need to lose weight, but if I say anything about what you may be potentially eating, you flip out.” And he has a point. He pretty much told me to not complain all of the time about what I look like if I’m just going to eat crap food and then complain two days later lol

    • I try my hardest not to complain about my eating or my weight to him or around him . but I think I’ve been so discouraged lately and maybe I’ve been making done comments …lol

  2. I have a zero tolerance policy with my bf. My ex played on my eating disorder so much that even when I was a uk size 6 he was urging me to diet more. No good can come from talking to your partner about this stuff because it should just be for you. Btw, not suggesting your other halves are bad people or want to be mean and control you, I just think that it can become a toxic subject and can hinder you in your goals πŸ™‚

    • I totally understand what you’re saying.it kind of makes me feel bad when he mentions anything about my eating. I am the smallest now than I EVER have been since Jr high…so it’s really easy for me to get hurt and then get in a funk about it.

      I’m so sorry you had to go through that 😦

  3. I think we are in similar situations. I am at 227.5. I want to be 199 by the end of the year. Then I plan on moving to my goal weight of 168 by April/may. It’s going to be a long haul.

    • I’m down from 272.8!! If I can do it then anyone can!! I started on 12/23/15….I’ve been stalled at the 221-227 range for two months…bit i got burned out, if I’m being honest…lol…ready to kick this into over drive. I cannot wait to see your progress!!

  4. I’ve been way out of control with my eating and not been working out like I should and I am now back at my heaviest after losing 35 pounds!!! I’m going through some life/work balance struggles which is not helping along with sharp shin pain on the side of my shin. It’s all been frustrating and disappointing but I am taking time off work next week and planning to do a lot of meal prep and getting back to my workouts

  5. Hey, it looks like we are in the same boat. I am at 223lbs now and it’s so hard to just get past the 220 mark. I have only just started out blogging, in the hope of getting a bit of motivation and inspiration from it. Keep up the good work!

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