I Believe I Am Ready…

I think I needed a break. I needed a time out from obsessing about my weight…from obsessing about what I was eating…from obsessing about working out.

Part of my problem has been my quality of sleep. Our mattress sucks. It’s not very old, only about 5-6 years, but I was at my heaviest twice with this mattress…so it is horrible for me now that I’ve lost 50lbs. I’m waking up every 30-40 min because my arm falls asleep. I’m waking up to my back killing me because I am a stomach sleeper…the new mattress will be here tomorrow!

Also, sometimes you just get burned out, I believe that hit me. 

Anyway, I took the break I needed. I haven’t been eating seriously strictly in over three weeks. I haven’t gained anything really…just flirting with the same 5lbs…but I think I am ready to get back on this. I meal prepped breakfast for the rest od the week last night and I’ve logged all my food for the day. I also revamped my goal calendar. As of today I am back to low carb.

So, this is me, being honest and starting over again. I can do this! I cannot wait to see ONEDERLAND!!!

10 thoughts on “I Believe I Am Ready…

  1. Good for you! We all need a break from crazy diets sometimes. Just use it as fuel to lean in harder this time around. Earring right is no fun, but the rewards are awesome! I did low carb for my wedding a few years ago and it’s tough. Stick to it!

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