Weekly Weigh In: Week 33

224.8 lbs this morning. How annoying. I feel like I’m never gonna see 219 šŸ˜¦ I gained from last week. Maybe this is proof that I honestly can’t handle carbs from anything but veggies. I  haven’t even been eating horribly. My calories have definitely been less than I burn. My carbs were still under 120 per day. What the Frick. Maybe I’ll be going back to normal low carb, after all. If just like to know why I have to be the weird person who can’t eat normal food. It’s not like I was pigging out on pasta and cake. The carbs came from fruit and veggies, mostly. Argh.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In: Week 33

  1. I know when I successfully got through a plateau it was more about my workouts rather than changing my diet. Have you tried some HIIT workouts…something to really get your heart rate going?

  2. Plateaus are terrible! Often times a person needs to reevaluate their calorie intake (more often than not, at this point, it needs to go up.) or change up their exercise. Calculate your TDEE, if you haven’t already, and swap out some of the cardio for HIIT and/or weight training. 120 (unless it is net) is incredibly low for carbs and isn’t sustainable for life. Carbs are necessary for energy, even if they don’t come from veggies, as long as they aren’t super processed. šŸ˜‰ You can do this, it is all a numbers game. While higher numbers seem like they would be counter productive I have never had a girl who didn’t lose using that method. šŸ˜‰ Keep pushing forward, it is a life long journey. šŸ™‚

    • I’m am just unbelievably bummed right now. I will make it through this though. I just switched from keto to following the zone diet, which is more carbs, less fat, moderate protein…I suppose I should give it more of a chance!

    • Thanks, I will get over it! I’m just so irritated…it was bound to happen, but to be plateaud for 2 months now….it is so frustrating. Especially since I’m changing things to try and break it!

  3. I’ve read a few times on the /r/keto subreddit that people have fasted (in various ways) to get through a plateau. Not sure if you’ve tried that or not. You could always pop on there to get some suggestions if you haven’t already šŸ™‚

  4. I hope you aren’t feeling too annoyed and down. I’m not going to offer you practical advice but don’t give up. You’ll get there. You are so motivated and doing so much, it will happen. Maybe you’ll spot something that you haven’t realised has crept into your diet or somewhere that you can improve or maybe you’ll keep doing exactly what you are doing and then it’ll somehow work. The body is a strange thing.

    Have you measured yourself because maybe if the scales aren’t changing, your body shape is?

    Sending lots of positivity your way.

  5. Plateaus suck…you will get past it. Try changing what you with the time of day you eat it. Meaning try consuming more calories when you know you are going to burn them and less when you are not as active. That might kick you out of your plateau.

  6. Make sure to keep an eye on saturated and unsatuared fats aswell, you want to be eating more unsaturated fats than saturated.
    It could also be your waterweight which is increasing. Fruits contain quite a lot of juice depending on which fruit you eat, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it brought the extra waterweight with it.

    I know this is some of the basic stuff but sometimes when we’ve been doing things for so long, we tend to forget the very basics so I thought I’d remind you in case you haven’t thought about it yet.

  7. Hi Courtney,
    Are you eating any other food that would be inflammatory? Like dairy, most grains, or sugar? Would be happy to give you some simple advice. I lost quite a bit of weight. You can find me on Facebook and message me if you would like.

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