In The Zone

Have you heard of The Zone diet? I’m sure you have – it’s almost as big as The Atkins Diet, maybe bigger, idk. What I do know is that this is my new attempt at healthier and more balanced eating – an attempt to still lose weight, but not be exhausted and irritable anymore and still be able to push myself in my work outs. It’s not really a diet, I guess…more like a lifestyle change like keto would be considered.


If you hate counting and tracking or hate math or hate figuring out how stuff works, I do not suggest this diet for you! LOL (Unless you stick to it religiously and only eat whole foods on the list).


It’s a 40/30/30 diet, meaning that 40% of your calories come from complex carbs, 30% come from lean protein, and 30% come from good fats. It’s still considered a low(er) carb diet.

You eat based on blocks of carbs, protein, and fat. At first glance it seems difficult, but once you dive into it and understand it, it’s really not difficult. You go to their site and punch in some things and it tells you how many blocks you need a day (it’s balanced, so you will need the same of each). I got lucky number 13.

When eating according to this diet, you are supposed to eat whole foods, lean meats, limit processed foods, and stay away from sugar. Because they want you to focus on “whole foods” there’s not a plethora of foods in their list, so if you tend to do convenience foods at all, you’ll have to figure out the blocks yourself (thankfully, I’m an avid learner and like to figure out how stuff works).

For instance, I’m not fully prepared for this diet since I’m starting on a Thursday. So, I had my normal “convenient” keto breakfast (you know, like when you don’t prep and have to run through McDonalds? – Yeah, that kind). Well, there are no facts on McDonald’s food and The Zone Diet. So I had to figure it out on my own. (Which I do not suggest if you are not good at math or problem solving, LOL).

I had two round eggs and a sausage patty along with my coffee with 2 tbsp of sugar free french vanilla creamer and an apple. I had to figure out the McDonald’s food myself and my creamer. I was surprised that 6.5 of my fat blocks are gone from my breakfast alone, LOL. I’ll be having an Oikos Triple Zero Strawberry Yogurt for my snack (since I do not need more fat at this point of the day…however you are supposed to eat the same amount of each category per meal, I’ll do better next time). The yogurt they suggest is plain, but with a little math I was able to figure out it would be safely fit into 2 blocks protein and 2 blocks carb.

This is how I’m tracking for now:


It’s actually not that difficult to track and I can still use MFP to track my food. At the end of the day, my ratios should equal 40/30/30 if I’ve done it right and I should still be at my 1500 calories.

I’m going to try this for the remainder of this month – if I feel better and lose even 2-5lbs I’ll probably continue on with it. If I don’t feel any better or don’t lose any weight, I’ll need to re-evaluate what I’m doing…


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