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There are times like I’m having right now where the scale isn’t budging and I (stupidly) feel like a failure. It’s in these times that we must look down other avenues to see that we are still progressing – whether that’s by measurements or pictures or the way our clothing is fitting, whatever.

I took a progress pic on July 21, 2016 and never did anything with it. I had no intentions of using it for any purposes because I was going to take a “real” progress pic when I finally hit that first big goal (220 lbs).

I still haven’t hit that goal. 😦 But I’m flirting awfully hard with it…However, that scale isn’t budging, but my body is most definitely changing. LOOK AT THIS! May to July!


My tummy is smaller my “spare tire” is much smaller. My underwear in the pic is an entire size smaller, LOL That fat roll on the side is diminishing….that’s progress!

And of course I had to do the same with my Jan “before” pic compared to July:


That one honestly speaks for itself…

One thing that’s not smaller – MY BOOBS! HAHA I am so freaking happy about that. My boobs haven’t suffered. My band size has gotten two sizes smaller, but not my cup size. WOOHOO! That’s usually the first thing to go when women lose weight. Now, if I reach my ultimate goal will my boobs still be this size – probably not, LOL…But I am sure I will never be flat chested!

I’ve been feeling down on myself because of the scale and how I’ve been feeling in general – exhausted, cranky, and hungry. So, as you know from my post earlier today, I’ve decided to change my eating and training a little.

Today I chose to do just a little high intensity cardio and focus on strength training. My biceps were happy 🙂 And I still burned almost 400 calories in 30 min! I work out M,T,W,F,S at 11am EST – sometimes Saturdays get moved around, but I find that routine is best for me!



And I had a piece of whole grain bread with my lunch – a little chicken, a tbsp of peanut butter, and a piece of whole grain bread. I can honestly say I feel so much better this afternoon than I have been feeling lately.


So in reflecting upon all of this, I’m happy to report that I’m still a work in progress – even if the scale isn’t showing progress! This post makes me feel so much better.

12 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. You have the right mind set… Look elsewhere. I have known so many people to give up because they were overly fixated on what the scale said. We have allowed society to condition us to what number is right for us, when what we really need to be doing is simply asking ourselves, “Self, how do I feel today?” If you feel better, as you clearly say you are, then you are doing ALL the right things. This is a long journey… And one of the most difficult.

    We are all different and we all need different approaches. But, one thing that is the same for all of us is how our body reacts to these changes. They react with resistance! There is a principle called “The Fat Woosh..” Simply put, the body goes into a volumetric homeostasis…

    What on earth does that mean???

    It means your body likely wants to stay the same size, just in case this is only a fluke. I know, it’s a really stupid response, but, that is just what it does. Fat cells are filled with toxins from eating the things we should not have eaten… This causes them to swell. They are not, contrary to popular understanding, filled with fat. You also do not add or loose fat cells. They simply increase in volume. When you start to purge those toxins from eating a healthier diet, the toxins in the fat begin to oxidize and be flushed out. This is what is happening when the body is oxidizing fat. That fatty tissue is being turned into energy and cooking off the bad stuff… Kind of like the burn off in a landfill.

    However, the cells don’t want to reduce their size just yet. They fill with water as sort of a place holder incase more toxins are going to be ingested. It does this because fat and water are the best insulators from harmful toxins. You see, it has become accustomed (addicted) to processing those toxins that we all consume, and it has happened for so long that it is not yet convinced that the change you are making is permanent. However, (and this can be a while sometimes) when they realize that more toxins are not coming, that water rushes out and you will suddenly loose weight and fat cell volume. THAT, is the holy grail of the weight loss journey.

    This is why I often tell people to focus on being healthy first, because the weight will come off when it is ready. We are not unhealthy because we are overweight, we are overweight because we are unhealthy. Conversely, we do not lose weight to get healthy, we lose weight as a side effect of becoming healthier.

    Keep up the awesome work! You’re doing great!

  2. Your results are amazing!! Remember one thing (and I was just reminded just a few days ago) muscle weighs more then fat. That could be part of the reason you are stuck a bit. I still am too but we will get it!! Keep going you are doing great!!

    • Thanks! We will both get there!! I know it! I’m starting something new today and trying it for a little while to see. If I don’t lose anything by the end of this month, I’ll go back to keto!

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