Weekly Weigh In: Week 31


And so it is Thursday which means weigh-in day! I told you all yesterday that I was kind of dreading this weeks weigh-in. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My goal was 221.7 lbs and I weighed in at 222.2 lbs, so I was 0.5 lbs over my goal. (Ignore the ball of fur in the corner, my kitten had to see the numbers for herself, HAHAHA).


I have faith that next week’s weigh in will be so much better! I’m supposed to hit 220.0 and I AM GOING TO HIT IT! Really!

My eating was better controlled yesterday by having part of my lunch at normal time and the rest at 1:30pm (the Atkins Day Break Creamy Chocolate Shake). I then had my normal 2pm snack at 3:30pm, which helped curb my appetite. I chose to swim after work with my son and husband, ignoring cooking dinner, any cleaning, and folding laundry. So we chose to eat out for dinner. Unfortunately, I was out voted and we went to Pizza Hut for their buffet. I had the toppings of several pieces of pizza, some boneless wings, cottage cheese, cucumbers, and a bit of pasta…which is probably why my scale read 222.2…

I’m not terribly sad about the weigh-in. I still feel great. I am still moving in the right direction! I’m still bettering myself!

And, side note, I’m also rocking a $5 clearance sweater from normal sizes today! I love this color – it makes me feel pretty! (the color is a little more vivid in real life…it’s like a bright coral!).


4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In: Week 31

  1. Nice job!!! Pizza Hut Buffet is so good. It’s one of the things I tell my friends that get discouraged with dieting. They can eat normal food – it’s all about how much goes in. I haven’t restricted myself in the slightest as far as what I eat – I just keep track of calorie intake and when I’ve hit my limit – if I hit my limit – that’s it. We don’t have to be miserable to get the weight off.

  2. YAY – I was glad to see you saw the results you were looking for! I really think slow is good. My last weightloss attempt was a liquid protein that was not sustainable as a lifestyle. It came off fast and came back on just as fast. I think when you hit plateaus like that, the whole body is making an adjustment that is more permanent. WAY TO GO!

    • Thanks!!! Ohh never would I follow a “diet” again that I couldn’t maintain forever. Eating keto / paleo is a forever change. I want slow weight loss so I can combat excess skin…lol

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