Transformation Tuesday

I had a thought to do a different take on Transformation Tuesday – Instead of sharing body progress pictures, I decided it would be awesome to share my weight loss journal progression.

I started on 12/23/2015 at 272.8 lbs (calendar starts on 12/27/2015):


And as of last Thursday I am at 223.2 lbs. My first goal was 220 by 7/1/16, but I didn’t make that…as you can see, I did a goal reset on the 14th… So here is what the next 5 months should look like:


Week #33 will be a big weigh in week for me….that’ll be the lowest weight I’ve ever been…and the numbers dropping will continue to be “the lowest weight I’ve ever been”. I am so excited to see what this journey brings.

What I do know for sure is that if I can do this, so can you. You need a plan and you need to take action. That’s it.

4 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday

    • Thank you! I truly believe that all you need to succeed is to plan and execute. Sure, there will be roadblocks in the way, but you can’t let this get you down. I didn’t make my first big goal by five pounds. I was so close, weighing only 1.6 pounds more than my first goal about two weeks before I had gold. But instead of dwelling on the fact that I missed the goal by five pounds, I decided to celebrate that I had lost 48 pounds! I put a new plan into action and now I’m executing it. I think the biggest mistake people make is not setting firm and attainable goals. I’m only striving to lose 1.7 pounds a week. That’s really manageable and attainable.

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