Reasons To Lose Weight


There are tons of reasons why I want to lose weight; some of those reasons are very good reasons, some are selfish and vain reasons, and some are “just because” reasons.

Whatever your reason to lose weight is, it’s okay as long as it motivates you.

I really hate it when someone asks me why I want to lose weight and I feel like I have to rattle off “because I want to get healthy”. Yes, I really do want to be healthy, but I also want to be hot. I want my husband to want to show me off. I want other girls to look at me and think “damn, she’s gorgeous”. I want to not be the fattest person in the room. I want to feel pretty and confident.

Yes, I know that I have a pretty face. Yes, I know that it’s not outward beauty that matters. Yes, I know that I can be beautiful at any weight or shape I am. I also understand weight loss should be more about becoming healthy than anything else. What I don’t understand is why it’s not okay to want to lose weight for vanity reasons. I happen to think that’s okay.

I can want to lose weight for these reasons:

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I can also want to lose weight for these reasons:


And it’s absolutely okay to lose weight for these reasons:

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But most of all, I just want to lose weight:


No matter your reason for losing weight, as long as you’re doing it for you, your reasons are perfect! Never be ashamed to say them out loud!

16 thoughts on “Reasons To Lose Weight

  1. Whatever motivates you, makes you feel good, and what keeps you going that’s what matters!! All reasons are good reasons as long as it is what you want not what someone else wants 🙂

  2. I want to be able to shop for clothes without worrying about having to find plus size clothes. You have to go to places like Layne Bryant to find cute outfits. Otherwise, the people who make the clothes just seem to think bigger people want to wear flower patterns and ugly clothes. I’m tired of that.

    • That is so true!! I am finally where I am the largest size of most “normal” sized clothing. Like at Old Navy I can wear an XL, but at stores like Lane Bryant and Maurices I am a 14/16. What I don’t like about plus size stores is that nothing is really “fitted”. I have a very hourglass shape and nothing from the plus size stores, aside from corsets, show off my shape. So I am so happy to shop regular sizes! I even bought a few shirts from Walmart in the Juniors section because I don’t plan on being this size for long and I needed some new, but cheap tops. I’m an XXL there.

    • Nevermind. I figured it out, lol. Did you know your user name is associated to an old blog that you’ve deleted and not to your new one? I’m not sure how to fix it, but I do know it can be done!! LOL

  3. I woke up one morning and just thought; I don’t want to feel like this ever again. And that’s how I started my weight loss journey.
    I’ve actually come so far that I’ve lost 15KG without the help of others (Purely my own experimenting) and I’m also writing my own blog to help others achieve the same 🙂

  4. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and not cringe. I want to be able to wear shorts when it’s hot and to feel like a normal girl. To be able to go into a locker room and change confidently in front of other women.

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