A Weekend of Eating

Well, now that I’ve had all of the foods I’ve been missing, I can finally get serious with keto again. 

Friday night I had Fazolis, Saturday night I had a turkey melt and macaroni from Bob Evans, and Sunday night the husband suggested Chinese, so we ate there. I ate relatively good during the day all three days, so this little weekend of eating wasn’t detrimental (I hope not, anyway).

I prepped my keto pancakes for breakfast all week yesterday afternoon and have our suppers planned, too. I should have no problems sticking yo my plan this week! 

Cheers to restarts! Can’t wait to see 219.9 or lower!

4 thoughts on “A Weekend of Eating

  1. This is the problem I’m having with my diet – last night I went over my calorie intake by 219 calories for the first time in 5 weeks of dieting (even though I was 4,000 below goal for the entire week) and I felt like a guilty slob. Is it okay to have a cheat day?

    • I say yes – But not within the first month of starting. Our bodies actually need a change from the new norm we create. I cheat when I hit a plateau. I eat ketogenically, which means low carb- moderate protein- high fat, and when I plateau I will have 1-2 days where I eat normal foods that I want, get my body reset and start over ..but then no cheating for another month or so.

      Also, if you are exercising regularly, eating too few calories can actually backfire. I had to increase my calories to 1700 for a few weeks, then was able to go back down to 1500. Your body will start stealing energy from muscle if you aren’t eating enough calories, especially if you eat lower carb.

  2. Oh I can relate. I recently went on a 3 week emotional binge and ate whatever and gained 20 lbs. lost 10.6 lbs in one week after going back to my plan. I eat plenty of carbs though. They are slow carbs except on certain days where I actually eat higher carbs during those days. I count my macros. For me it’s the inflammation from eating certain foods that make me gain water weight that is a problem for me. Probably will never really be able to eat gluten or most dairy again, or added sugar.

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