Do You Need Variety?

I think there are two types of people in this world – those who need variety and those who like routine. I’m not saying those who like routine never need a change and those who need variety can’t have a routine, but I’m saying we’re generally one or the other.

I am a routine kind of girl. I am generally open to change and embrace it, but I am perfectly content with routine for the most part.

For instance I have one of two breakfasts every day – either my keto pancakes or 2 round eggs and a sausage patty from McDonalds. I also have the same lunch every day – 8 slices of Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Oven Roasted Turkey or Rotisserie Style Chicken with 1 slice of Sargento Prov-Mozz Cheese, a little catsup or ranch, a cup of beef broth, and an Atkins Day Break Chocolate shake.

I’ve been eating this way for 29 weeks now, LOL, and it doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s actually more annoying to have it changed up because it is easier to track my macros this way. I have different dinners, though.

I really feel like being a routine person makes following a specific diet (such as keto) much easier. I’m mentoring a girl on eating ketogenically and she is not content with the same stuff every day…it’s a challenge for her. I have told her she needs to plan her entire day out prior to eating the daily menu so she can make sure it fits her macros! She constantly asks how I deal with all the entering of the food because it takes so long and I just keep reminding her that I’m boring and really only need to enter my dinners, LOL – everything else is saved under meals.

So what type of person are you? And do you think it helps or hinders your weight loss progress?

5 thoughts on “Do You Need Variety?

  1. I don’t do low keto, I follow Weight Watchers, however I am the type of person who needs to switch it up because I get bored having the same thing over and over. Sometimes it screws me up, and sometimes it’s helpful. So both? Yes, kind of confusing haha. I just take it day by day. A bad day can always be followed by a good one!

    • That is so true! I couldn’t follow WW. I tried so hard. My problem is that I am a carb addict and allowing myself some simple carbs leads to eating way too many…I can’t lose weight eating simple carbs… 😦

  2. I need lots of change and it has to be easy. Anything I have to do a lot of prep and prepare for is not for me. Right now I am into my home made breakfast sandwiches that take maybe 30 minutes to make 5 of them for the week. Sometimes I have them for lunch when I have a smoothie for breakfast.

  3. I’m definitely a bit of both. I have a few meals that don’t need any thought, and I can eat the same few meals for a while, but I do need variety to some degree. It’s an interesting thought.

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