I finally went shopping. Jean shopping. Until recently, I had no reason to go…I had jeans to fit me in every size to my smallest size ever (which was an 18 from fashion bug). But, I realized on vacation I needed to go jean shopping. Baggy jeans do nothing for a woman with curves.

I went to Maurice’s because everyone raves about their jeans. I grabbed 20s and 18s, assuming 20s would fit better and 18s would be too small. There is no way I am truly an 18, right? 

Well I tried the 18s on first and they fit!! Lmao. They were actually really comfortable! And they were on dale for $15. I explained to the clerk that I wish they had another pair of 18 short because I had just lost all this weight and I think I’ll be stuck in 18s for awhile and this sale is awesome (they had two pairs). She said “I don’t have another pair of 18 shorts, but I do have a pair of 16 short jeans. Maybe you could get those as goal jeans since the price is so great?!” So I did. 

I decided to try them on at home because I wanted to see how small they were… To see just how far I have to go before I’ll fit them…well look at that:

They fit!!!!! Size 16s!! Woot woot!! Smallest size I’ve ever been!! I could have gotten all 16s! 

This girl is happy and starting the next journey to ONE-derland!!!!

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