2 More Days…Maybe?

2 more days until my first BIG goal day. I stepped on the scale this morning and that, excuse my language, bitch said I weighed 223.8 lbs! What? Excuse me? Hello? Are you sure? Um, I’m pretty sure that last Friday I weighed 221.6 lbs!

I sat down and drank my coffee, irritated as all get out, and then BAM. Cramps. Ohhhh -that’s why…Aunt Flo has come to visit. That explains a lot. I’ve been moody and exhausted the last few days…not to mention craving salty foods. As you can see from this photo, my workouts have gotten a little lighter each day this week, too. I just don’t have the gas to push through it so hard when I’m on my period. I always feel like a slacker if I don’t burn at least 400 calories in my 1/2 hour workout…


When I set my goal date, I did not anticipate Aunt Flo coming to visit the same week. When I made that goal date over 6 months ago, she wasn’t scheduled to come until the following week…but over the last few months she’s come a day or two earlier than expected – enough to be an entire week early this month!

So, do you think it would be okay if moved my goal date back one week, to the 7th, instead of the 1st? The 7th is actually the perfect day because that’s the day we leave for vacation and I’ve been saying that if I make my first big goal before vacation I’ll allow myself to have Fazolis one time while we’re on vacation!  If I happen to hit 220 before then, obviously, I’ll celebrate and tell you all, but as of right now, it’s just not going to happen by July 1st. 3.8 lbs is a LOT TO LOSE in 2 days when one is on her period….NOT COOL!

Okay, I’ve decided. New goal: 220 lbs by July 7th!  I’ll be in the car all day July 7th, so I will definitely be able to blog good news!

*~*~*~*~*In Other News*~*~*~*~*

I have been a busy girl. I knocked a bucket list item off my list on Saturday – I sang at a wedding for the first time ever!! Oh damn I was nervous!! But, apparently it sounded great. Idk? I haven’t heard it yet. To myself, it sounded like a nervous girl singing karaoke…but I got messages on FB telling me it sounded phenomenal and that I have a beautiful voice! I know that last part sounded great and professional (it was the “power” chorus part), which is really all that matters since that’s all that people will remember anyway! HAHAHA

This weekend is crazy busy…my son’s birthday is on Saturday (he turns 4!!!) and we’re having a party…then we have 2 b-day parties to hit Sunday, then one on the 4th of July! Two days back to work, then we’re leaving for vacation from Thursday through Monday! Busy busy!

A couple of really cool things:

1. I got a new head scarf for riding the motorcycle. If you live under a rock and are not a Harry Potter fan, you will not even realize what that symbol on it is! This just solidifies how nerdy I can be…


And 2. I finally have a pair of prescription sunglasses for motorcycle rides, too. No more being made fun of by my hubby for my “bug goggles”! HAHAHA. Can’t wait to see them. They’ll be here tomorrow!!!

And here’s a pretty selfie I took Monday at work. I’m very pleased with how much slimmer my face is looking!:


9 thoughts on “2 More Days…Maybe?

  1. It happens. 🙂 Keep a log to avoid the shock. Never three days before, during, or three days after lol. It will save a lot of anger. 🙂 Any other time there are tons of variables. As long as your inches are moving in the right direction the scale is just an evil contraption that is sometimes right, and sometimes wrong. 😉

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