I Hit 50!


I did it! I hit 50 lbs down this morning (actually 50.8 lbs!)! I am so freaking excited about this! I stepped on that scale and saw:


and I just couldn’t believe it! I officially have 2.0 lbs to go to make that first BIG GOAL!!! Any weight lost after I see 220.0 lbs on that scale will be the smallest weight I have ever been I think I have a really good chance of making my first goal on time! I was kind of worried for a minute earlier this month!

I text my husband this morning to share the news and he was equally excited for me, which made me happy 🙂 He should be happy, LOL…he’s kind of getting a brand new wife, right?!

Anyway, I am stoked! This is kind of the renewal I needed for this journey. Tomorrow marks 6 months exactly since I began this journey and, like all things, after awhile it can get a bit stale…

I keep reminding myself that every little step counts.




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