My New Challenge! And A Story…

The month of May was a 30 day weigh-in challenge for me to learn patterns. I did learn quite a bit from that challenge!! The main thing I learned is that I shouldn’t do a 30 day weigh-in challenge when I’m plateau’d LMAO!! No, but really, I learned how certain foods affect me! This was my weight fluctuation for those 30 days:


I started those 30 days at 235.2 lbs on May 5th and ended at 228.4 on June 4th. Not too bad, but I shouldn’t have started at 235.2, lol….

Now that challenge is over and I’m working towards something new! I want a better butt 🙂 And here is what prompted it:

We went out to Applebee’s on Saturday night and there were 4 waitresses with really nice behinds…my husband was being quite the gentleman about it, averting his eyes and everything, until I stupidly said something about it.

Me: “Did you see her butt!?! She has an awesome butt!”
Him: “Yes, she does.”
Me: “I wish my butt looked like that!”

That little comment I made gave him, or so he thought it gave him, a license to continue to point out all the waitresses with nice butts and tell me which one had the nicest butt. At first I was like “ok, yeah…”….but I quickly became insecure and irritated by this. Every time a waitress walked by he’d look and say something.

Me: “Maybe one day I’ll have a nice butt like that, too….”
Him: “Maybe. You could probably do it.”
Me: “But, if I did, then everyone would be ogling my butt, LOL”
Him: “Yeah, they probably would be” shrug
Me: “Would that bother you? To know people are staring at my ass? People we don’t know? Your friends? [etc]”
Him: “Not at first, LOL”
Me: “Well, that’s my goal. I want a nice butt, then. My butt is nicer now than it was. It’s starting to look much better in jeans.”
Him: “Yes, it is. You’ve worked really hard. You look great.”
Me: “Thanks.”

And as this conversation was going on, I was dying a little on the inside. I wanted my husband to look at me the way he was looking at those waitresses. I don’t care if other people look at me that way, in fact, I think I’d prefer them not to do so, but I do want my husband to ogle me. I don’t think he realized how insensitive it really was. A few more comments about their butts and I had had enough. I felt inadequate and wanted to make him feel the same…(I do not recommend that, btw).

Me: “You know, this place is definitely full of eye candy.”
Him: “Yes, the waitresses are pretty.”
Me: “I mean the waiters, too. There are two male servers and they are pretty hot.”
Him: puzzled look on his face as he hadn’t even noticed the male servers….“Uh, what?”
Me: “There are two male servers…look over there at the register. They’re pretty good looking. The one with the goatee, who is shorter and more muscular…he is really hot. I like him the best.”

And that completely changed the atmosphere of the conversation. He now felt exactly how I had felt…only his intention was never to make me feel that way…I had opened that door by commenting in the first place…and my intention was to make him feel that way…I kind of felt bad for doing so, but I think he needed a taste of insensitivity.

And so that is how I came up with my next 30 day challenge…SQUATS! I have to do at least 100 squats per day. I know that doesn’t seem like many, but it is a lot for someone who focuses on cardio workouts with some strength training. Also, the dvds I use do a lot of leg work, so this should be a nice challenge to add:


I’m performing 20 squats at each bathroom break throughout the day, with (2) 5lb weights. I took a before pic this morning and hope to see some sort of progress at the end of this challenge. I started the challenge yesterday, so I will be finished on July 5th. I might kick these up to 30/40 each if I feel like it’s getting too easy. Right now 20 at a time is just enough to feel a little burn! I think this challenge in conjunction with my normal workouts should produce a nice result. We shall see!


12 thoughts on “My New Challenge! And A Story…

  1. Hahaha abso-glutely love the story! I am a huge admirer of athletic bodies of both sexes (great shoulders and calves make a lech outta me I hereby admit) and I think not every time is it out of sexual desire that one ogles – sometimes it is plain admiration so give your chap & yourself a little allowance. What i absolutely love is that you used it to focus on glute exercises even more. All the best for new challenge

  2. Squats are the best! I am trying to work on my booty too. Although they seem funny, hip thrusts with either resistance bands or weight help too! 😉

  3. Hi. I’ve been on a weight loss journey since the beginning of the year, but I’m not happy with what I’m seeing on the scale. It’s making me really frustrated. Could you tell me how you eat and what you eat? I try to stay below 1500 calories and 100g net carb most days and workout but nothing is happening.

    • Sure thing! I eat ketogenically and I am a creature of habit, so I eat the same bfast and lunch every day, (for the most part). 60% of my calories come from fat, 30% from protein, and 10% from carbs. I use MyFitnessPal to track and “carbs” are net carbs, meaning carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohol. I stay at 1600 cals on a workout day and 1400-1500 on a non workout day.

      This is my day:

      5:30am – coffee with 1 tbsp heavy whipping cream, 2tsp benefiber, 1.5tbsp Coffeemate Sugar Free French Vanilla.

      7:00am – 3 Keto pancakes (pancakes made from eggs and cream cheese), 1tbsp of Sugar Free Syrup.

      9:00am – 1oz colby jack cheese

      11:00am – Workout – burn at least 400 calories

      11:45am – Lunch – 8 slices Oscar Mayer DeliFresh Turkey or Chicken (I prefer the chicken), 1 slice Sargento Mozz/Provolone cheese, 1 cup beef broth, 1 tsp of catsup, 1 Atkins Daybreak Creamy Chocolate Shake.

      2:00pm – 1oz colby jack cheese

      5:30pm – Dinner – 5-7oz of meat (generally chicken or steak) and 1-2 cups of some veggie.

      7:30pm – An indulgent snack, like a carbsmart fudge bar or an atkins snack bar (i love the triple chocolate bar!!).

      This gets me around 1500 calories and 25-30 net carbs per day 🙂 Sometimes I have different meals, especially on the weekends. I’m a sucker for cauliflower casseroles, especially with alfredo sauce (YUM! never thought I’d like cauliflower).

      100 carbs might be too many for your body, that’s generally a “maintenance” number when eating low carb. I found low carb was the only way I could lose weight…exercise and calories didn’t help…I had to cut grains and starches and make most of my carbs come from veggies 🙂 You have to find what works for you!

      If I plateau, I’ve learned a couple of higher carb days then back to keto will jump start my weight loss again!

      I really hope you find what works for you! Don’t give up!!!! Sometimes we have to sacrifice foods we love to be healthier!

  4. 100 squats a day is impressive! It’s inspired me to do a 30 day fitness challenge actually! Good luck with your goals! xo

      • Oh, I’m already kind of doing one. I’m trying to eat more fruit and veg, so I’m trying to have one vegan meal a day for June. But I can get bored quite quickly when it comes to working out… A fitness challenge seems like a good way of keeping things interesting 😃

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