It’s Go Time

Tomorrow is May 30th. Tuesday is May 31st, making Wednesday June 1st. My first big goal is set for July 1st. I currently weigh 231.0 lbs and that goal is 220 lbs. I am flirting with 229…I keep hitting it, then I’m back up to 231. Argh.

But anyway, that means I need to lose 11ish lbs in 32 days. I’ve already lost 43 lbs, so 11 is quite an aggressive number, but I know I can do it.

Carbs low and mostly from veggies. Calories in check.
No cheats!
Additiinal 10-15 min elliptical run to any DVD day, just to shake things up.

Also, after I hit my 30 days of weighing in (June 5th) I’m not stepping on that scale until July 1st. For real. That means no weekly weigh in.

I’m going to take some progress pics tomorrow and no more until July 1st.

I can do this. I know I can do this.

5 thoughts on “It’s Go Time

  1. i wanna be in this club too!
    i don’t even know what i weigh… i’m terrible at counting calories. i’m good at getting exercise though.

    can’t wait to see your progress. 🙂 i don’t know you but i’ll be your cheerleader!

    *does awkward cartwheel*

  2. Good luck with your goal! You can do this:) Also, congrats on making The top 100 inspirational weight loss bloggers list for 2016. You deserve it:)

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