Weekly Weigh-In: Week 21


Another week has passed. So, it is weekly weigh-in day. My goal for this week was 230.8 lbs, but, I’m not going to lie, I was really crossing my fingers to see 229…. it didn’t happen. However, I did surpass my goal by 0.6 lbs, weighing in today at 230.2 lbs.


I was a little shocked to be under my weekly goal. I ate really high calorie yesterday, eating around 1900 calories. Yesterday I weighed in at exactly 230.8 lbs… I assumed that eating so high calorie yesterday I would stall me at 230.8 or push me over it. So, I’m pretty happy about this number!

I’m almost halfway through my 30-day weigh in challenge. I am noticing a trend. I seem to bottom out weight wise on Saturday and then the weight starts creeping back up – topping out on Monday – then back to normal by Thursday weigh in… it most likely has something to do with how I eat on the weekend. I had a cheat day Sunday. And I usually eat a little something I’m not supposed to on Sunday. My monthly journal for May so far:


All in all it has been a great week. I’m sticking to keto for the most part. I have slacked off on drinking water, so today I’m going to make sure I get 100 ounces and at the very least.

I am getting so close to my July 1st goal that I can taste it. It is exciting! My first set of smaller jeans are getting way too big, so I’m ready to clear them out and move on to the next size down!

I hope you all have great weigh ins this week!!!

Celebrate all your accomplishments today, even if you’ve had a little set back!


14 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In: Week 21

  1. I literally cannot WAIT to be 230lbs. Thats my pre baby weight. UGH. Then goals from there! Does water really make a huge difference in weight loss? I drink it but not nearly half my weight in oz. So i am curious.

    • Well I know you can do this!! The science behind drinking water and it helping with weight loss is because it flushes the sodium out of your body (which is why you must be careful about drinking too much water) and sodium is the culprit behind water retention and bloating…so, if you’re drinking enough water you will keep the bloating and water weight away 🙂 I strive for 100oz per day!

    • I knew where I wanted to be by July 1st…so I divided the amount by the number of weeks I had to get there to see if it was obtainable. I needed to lose 1.8lbs per week, which is totally possible and safe! So I knew I could make that first big goal (I’d have moved the goal date if it had been too aggressive)…then, I just kept subtracting 1.8lbs from each week to get to my Dec 31st goal, which is somewhere in the 170s. I totally suggest doing something like this. It has helped so Much!

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