Weekly Weigh In: Week 20


Time for the weekly weigh in!

Goal: 232.6 lbs
Actual: 232.0 lbs
Loss: 3.2 lbs from last week.

Woot woot!! It’s getting down to crunch time. I have 7 weeks to make my goal. I need to lose 12 more pounds to make that goal. I am so close to the two 220s that I’m getting nervous that I’m not going to do it. But, I know I will!

I did some measuring a couple of days ago. And I was really surprised at how many inches I have really lost. I didn’t really measure when I started this journey in late December, but I kind of knew where I was. My chest was 54 inches before and now it’s only 47. With my boobs included. My hips were 53 and now they’re 48. And under my breasts were 44 and now they are 39 exactly.

I’m getting so excited because I’m starting to see muscle gains in my arms as well LOL I wish the fat would melt off my arms a little faster though. I have really chubby limbs. I suppose that’s a good quality though, that I gain weight everywhere, instead of in just one particular place. Because it also means I lose weight everywhere LOL. My shoulders look nice, I just want my upper arms to follow suit. I would love to be able to wear tank tops. The cool thing is is that I know and a size 14-16 top. I’m still in 18-20 bottoms, though…. those thighs LOL.

I’m still working on my 30-day way and challenged. It’s working nicely so I can see how certain foods affect me. I did learn that I do need to cut my calories are days that I don’t work out. I think I need to be around 13-1400 on those days and 16 to 1700 on the days that I do workout.

I was cleaning out my closet at lunch and trying stuff on. I ran across a leather corset with the tag still on it, lol 🙂 it looks pretty darn good now! I do love lingerie!!


10 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In: Week 20

  1. You have really inspired me! I am just starting this journey and I hope to keep following and being inspired. Please follow me and join me in my journey too! this is amazing!!! great job!!! im so jelly!

  2. Wow nice pictures. Always remember how hard u have worked. Don’t let anyone try to down play it or make it less. They have no idea how HARD you have had to work. U have come such a long way. Your a priceless individual… Don’t ever forget that.

    • Thank you so much!! That corset doesn’t even fit anymore!!! I have worked hard and I will continue to do so. I want to know what it’s like to be normal sized. 😍

      • U are normal sized when you feel comfortable in your body. For everyone that is different. And the size is too. Just make sure u keep up ur muscle mass. It will keep ur skin attached to u. Ur doing a fantastic job.

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