Be Awesome Today!


What a great weekend! I stuck to my plan perfectly, too! That is something to be proud of.

Yesterday I opened an envelope from my three year old containing mother’s day things he had made at school. It was so sweet. Apparently I am 20 years old and my job is washing dishes, which he loves to do with me, lol πŸ™‚ I explained to him that washing dishes was just part of being a mommy and that my actual job was estimating piping systems. He said “what’s estimating” and I said “I guess how much it will cost”. He told me I was a genius, lmbo.

We went to Applebee’s for lunch since it was Mother’s Day. I did surprisingly well. I ordered the 6oz sirloin with only 1 side – the garlicky green beans – and asked them to add a piece of grilled chicken. I ate all the meat πŸ™‚ and half of the green beans. Did you know that adding a piece of chicken is only $3.99! At least it is at my Applebee’s! Awesome!

This week will be the real test of my new calorie intake.  I am foing a 30 day daily weigh in, just to see how my body reacts to the new calorie consumption. As you know, the first day of that was Thursday and by Saturday I had lost 3.8lbs. On Sunday I hit 4.0 total…today I stepped on and have maintained that 4.0 lbs loss. I rested yesterday.


Obviously, I didn’t expect to lose more, but I’m wondering if I should eat less on my rest days? Once again I was stuffed all day, as I was on Thursday. Friday and Saturday I did workout and didn’t feel stuffed, but more like comfortable.

I did the entire The Firm DVD on Saturday and my body is still sore today, lol!! I really like that dvd! I’ll just be running today, with a bit of strength on the rests and I’m totally looking forward to it!

I hope your Monday is starting off great!

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