Weekly Weigh In : Week 19


It’s that day again! Weigh in day! I told you all yesterday I didn’t think I’d hit this week’s goal and I was correct 😣 However, it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be – my goal was 234.4 lbs and my weigh in was 235.2 lbs. I missed my goal by 0.8 lbs.


I’m hoping to turn this around for next week’s weigh in by eating more. Gouchis Girl pointed out that I may not be eating enough for what I’m expending and, after researching, she is probably right. So, like I said in my post last night, I’m increasing my calories from 1300-1500 to 1500-1700 per day. I’m keeping my macros the same – 5-10% carbs, 30% protein, 60-65% fat.

Wow, I am feeling sore today! I popped in The Firm: Hard Core Fusion for yesterday’s workout and it was awesome. I forgot how great it is! I need to look for more The Firm DVDs BC I honestly like them better than most others.

The added strength training seems to be working as my biceps are starting to pop out!


I have faith next week’s weigh in will be much better! I have to hit 232.6 next week to stay on track 😨 that’s a 2.6 lb loss – idk…..but I’m gonna try!!

Hope you all are having good weigh ins! Remember, don’t give up, just change something! Experiment!

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