Raising The Calories

After some research because of Gouchis Girl’s  (www.indulgeyourinnerfoodie.com) recent comment on my last blog post, I have decided to raise my calorie intake, but still keep those macros at 5-10% carbs, 30% protein, and 60-65% fat.

After reading so much about calorie deficits, I realize that my 1300-1500 per day might be too low for my weight and activity. My body burns 2400 ish calories per day just surviving. Add in my 400-600 calorie burn and that takes me to 2800-3000 calories burned a day and I only eating 1300-1500, which is a deficit of 1300-1700 calories per day! If it really were calories in, calories out then I should be losing 1lb every two days….which is obviously not happening.

I ran a calculator and I should be around 1800 a day…I think that would shock my system, lol…so we will see if  raising it to 1700 helps! Wish me luck!!!

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