April’s Gone /May’s Arrived


Goodbye, April 🙂 As you can see from my calendar journal, April was an interesting month! I made my 5x a week exercise goal every week, aside from the “sick” week! I made my weekly weight loss goal 4 out of 5 weeks, too 🙂 I did increase my veggie intake and my resistance on the elliptical. I also increased my strength training, so I hit those April goals!

But now it’s crunch time! I have 61 days to lose approximately 14.8 lbs.

I learned a valuable lesson last week – if I am craving something specific I should just indulge in it – SUBSTITUTIONS WILL NOT WORK.

That low carb cake I made for my birthday was not exactly what I wanted and it led me to the cookie from Subway, which led me to the dessert on Saturday night, the bite of the strawberry cake at a bridal shower yesterday, and then finally the blizzard from DQ that actually satisfied my chocolate craving…

I do believe had I just had a piece of real chocolate cake on my birthday, I would not have gone crazy this weekend. Granted, it wasn’t horrible, but it was still bad.

Anyway, May is here and I am dedicated to new goals and dropping these 14-20 lbs by July 1st (assuming I gained from last Thursday’s weigh in….)


And here’s this month’s calendar:


I took some “mostly unclothed” progress photos and I was really happy with my body changes. I’m still too chicken embarrassed to share those on here, but there is a very noticeable difference! I made a layer photo to show the difference, but because I stood closer to the camera in the first one, it seems a little odd…I even though it works, I wouldn’t want anyone to accuse me of falsifying the pics (although the images line up almost perfectly) since I stood closer in one…maybe I’ll try again when I hit that 40lb mark and try to stand in the exact place!

After my cheat weekend, I’m dreading Thursday’s weigh in. I hope I meet my goal!

3 thoughts on “April’s Gone /May’s Arrived

  1. You are doing such a great job!! And keep taking pictures even just for yourself. They reveal soo much more than any weight or measurement!! 🙂 🙂

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