Progress :)

The “side by side” – so encouraging when it really shows progress! My mom actually fb’d me “when are we going to see a progress pic?” Two or so weeks ago and I told her that even though I had lost over 30 lbs, it wasn’t enough to see much difference since I’m such a fatty.

Well, yesterday I put on a pair of jeans that I thought, for sure, would fit. They were tight in the thighs and not comfy…I was bummed. So, I decided to take a progress pic to see of there was a noticeable difference:


Whew…there’s a BIG difference.


I posted on Instgram and an Instagram friend pm’d me and said that I should layer my pic and use the before as a “ghost” pic to really see the difference. So, I did!


The shadow is the before pic. I wish I had tied the shirt to show the difference!

This diet change is really helping me get through that sort of plateau. I’m really excited to see this keep changing! Almost to that July 1st goal!!

38 thoughts on “Progress :)

  1. O the newfound angularity and tonedness is very obvious girl! Keep it up! You are such an inspiration particularly today when I am a little bummed coz I have finally weighed myself for the first time after starting my new health regime ten days ago. The numbers in black n white look very insurmountable even whn I knew it would be that bad. Such a high starting weight is making my resolve and efforts look too silly:-(

    • Thank you!

      As for you – make small goals! For instance – I have 2 large goals – one for July 1st (220 lbs) and one for Dec 31st (180). The first goal is a loss of 52.8lbs, the second 40 lbs. Those are huge goals! I want to safely and effectively lose weight so I know I can’t realistically expect more than 2lbs per week. I wanted to reach 220 lbs by July 1st, so I did the math to see if it was possible and it is at 1.8lbs per week. So my attainable goals are 1.8 lbs lighter each week! Focusing on that small goal makes it so much easier than if I just said “I need to be 220lbs). I have an officially weekly weigh in, but I’m obsessive and tend to weigh myself every morning, but it doesn’t count, lol. It does help me figure out of I ate too many cals the day before, though!

      Just keep pushing through and you’ll get there!

      • Yes I totally get the brilliance of having smaller, attainable, short-term spelt out goals for self instead of the grand long term transformation that one is also working towards. Since I am still relatively new to this sort of disciplined living, I am devising my goals in terms of – do x minutes of exercise, increase pace o rintensity by y amount, have z amount of water or fruits etc. In that way I keep it graspable and therefore do-able and therefore motivating.

  2. Great work on that progress! In fact, seeing the positive difference when you look back in time is so cheerful and motivating. Just keep on that spirit and you will end up with an impressive change you would never thought is possible when you first started 🙂

  3. You are really working your butt/body literally off. It is fantastic that you are taking progress pictures. People who meet you now and even as you continue your journey are never going to understand how much you have worked to loose the weight. Don’t ever let anyone take that from you ever. Only you understand how hard you have worked to get where you are.

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