Weigh In Wednesday: Week 17


Goal: 238.0 lbs. Hope: 237.8 lbs. Actual: 239.0 lbs. I’m down 1.6 lbs from last week, which is good, but now I am 1.0 lb above my weekly goal. Hoping to catch this back up soon.

I’ve made some changes, though, so I am hopeful weight will start melting off again. I’m strength training more (legs, arms, and abs are sore today) and I have changed my eating up a bit. Today I should end the day at 6% Net Carbs, 33% Protein, and 59% Fat (the missing 2% comes from the difference in carbs, I think, lol).

I bought some keto strips, so I’ll be able to check to see if I am in Ketosis or not. Since I have also up’d my water intake to 100-120oz per day, I’ll realistically only get a good reading in the morning, which should help with my obsessive tendency to check it throughout the day.

At least I am officially in the 230s now!! And that makes me only 19 lbs away from my July 1st goal 🙂

If you’re weighing in today, Good Luck!!! If you make your goal, Congrats!! If you don’t, be honest with yourself about why you didn’t hit it. There’s no worse lie than the lie you tell yourself. If you honestly just hit a plateau, change somehing 🙂 I probably would’ve made my goal and then some if I hadn’t over indulged on Sunday….

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