Rest Day #2

So, I’m on my second rest day in a row. I never do this, but my body absolutely needs it. My butt and my legs are so sore from the TBL Boot Camp video I did Tuesday….and I thought I didn’t get a good workout, LMAO. Whatever. I guess I really need to do squats and lunges, after all! It’ll only improve my booty, I suppose 🙂

Today is my “real” first day of Keto (Low Carb, High Fat, Moderate Protein). I’ve logged all my food that I plan on eating for the day and I’m at 1227 calories and so close to hitting my macros!! If I eat nothing “extra”, I’ll be at 25 net carbs (goal of 35 or less), 90g of protein (goal is 115 or less), and 84g of fat (goal is 102 or less). I might have an extra string cheese, so that’ll add some to all categories, but not much.

I’m debating whether I buy ketone strips or not. I have a tendency to get obsessive about things like that…but I do need to know that I’m hitting ketosis…decisions, decisions.

Since I’m ‘resting’ today, I am getting my nails filled on my lunch hour (and a half, LOL). I still haven’t decided on a color….We have a fun event Saturday night for our motorcycle group, so I’m thinking something edgy instead of dainty/pretty, LOL…but then I’m stuck with it for 3 weeks, so, IDK! I get tired of dark colors and “weird to me” colors pretty quickly….especially blacks and blues. I honestly hate getting my nails painted blue…ahhh, first world concerns…

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day and stick to your plans!



4 thoughts on “Rest Day #2

    • Thanks! The only thing that bothers me about logging the food ahead of time is that when I sync my FitBit it looks like I have eaten way too many calories until about 6pm! LOL…it really is a good idea, you’re more likely to stick to the eating plan if you log and prep ahead of time!

  1. If you are sore, sometimes listening to your body and taking that extra rest is important! Good luck with the new eating plan! It seems like you are off to a great start with it!! 🙂 and enjoy getting your nails done! That is always my fav treat too, although I am too scared to do anything crazy with mine so I always go French manicure. Ah well. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to try something fun with them…

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