Anxiety & DVDs

I have some anxiety about tomorrow’s weigh in. I’ve been eating right – a little higher carb than I’d like, but still not horrible…less than 60 per day. My calories have been at 1500 or less. I’ve been pushing myself hard in my workouts. I even skipped resting on Sunday and ran for 40 min on my elliptical because I am so anxious about this week’s weigh in. I just don’t think I’m going to hit my weekly goal weight and that disappoints me.

I weighed in this morning at 240.6 lbs….I need to be at 239.8 lbs to make tomorrow’s weight loss goal. I’m pretty sure that at 16 weeks in I’m getting ready to hit that first plateau. I don’t wanna hit it!

Since I ran on the elliptical 4 days in a row, I decided to use a workout DVD for today’s workout. I chose a tried and true DVD that I used to love – The Biggest Loser: Boot Camp. I used it, as well as several other The Biggest Loser weight loss DVDs on my weight loss journey in 2010/2011. I added Jillian Michaels DVDs later on, when I felt like the others weren’t hard enough.

After this workout, I synced my FitBit Blaze and burned a whopping 377 calories in 30 min. I barely got in my peak heart rate at all. I consistently stayed in the “cardio” range. I was barely sweating at all. I wasn’t out of breath. The squats, lunges, and arm work were great, but I just feel like I didn’t work out. My arms and butt are sore, but I feel like I cheated myself out of a good workout. Someone smack me!

I’m contemplating running on the elliptical for at least 20 min tonight…at least then I’ll feel like I did something. I’ve started incorporating strength training in my almost daily run – maybe I should do more of that? My feet start to burn after 2 miles (which is a little under 18 min), so I have to get off and do something for about 45 seconds…I’ve started lifting weights during that time – bicep curls, scoops, tricep presses, etc…maybe I just need to do more of this with the cardio…

And maybe I need to cut down on my carb intake again. I am sure I am not in ketosis…I need more veggies, more fat, and less carbs!

4 thoughts on “Anxiety & DVDs

      • you just have to keep changing it up and surprising your body and muscles if you want to avoid that plateau. you’re awesome and so motivating! keep it up! xo

  1. Offer your body something new. E.g. lessen the weight while doing biceps curls but do more reps and/or sets. Try new exercises for the same muscles. Doing the same workout for 16 weeks, your body gets used to it and doesn’t respond to it the way it did before. Change your workout and you won’t hit that plateau. Good luck and keep going!!!
    P.S.: Don’t use too much weight for your strength training.

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