Back At It

Yesterday, I blogged about how I missed running on the elliptical since I’ve been sick and hoped I could run today. I did it. I ran on my lunch hour today.

I didn’t run as efficiently as normal – I used the same workout music, but I had to stop more often (after the first mile, when I can usually go 1-3/4 miles before stopping) and then after every 1/2 mile. And, though I tried my best and planned on 3 miles, I gave up after 2-1/2 miles. I am a little disappointed, but not really because, well, damn it, I am getting over bronchitis, LOL. I had to remind myself that every workout counts!

I still burned more than 300 calories, so that is something! I’m hoping to hit 35 lbs down on this week’s weigh in. I don’t know if it’s possible, though, but it would be so awesome. I stepped on the scale Saturday morning and it said 238.4 lbs….but this morning it said 240.4 lbs….I need to hit 237.8 lbs to be 35 lbs down…Obviously, I’m not gonna be disappointed in myself if I don’t hit 237.8 Wednesday, but I am crossing my fingers to write in the 238.4 lbs from Saturday 🙂

I was a bit irritated with my FitBit Charge HR today. It recorded my workout, but only part of my workout. It froze up or something and stopped recording. I don’t know what the life is on these things, but I assume it’s more than 6 months?? Who knows. I’m taking this is a warning sign, though, and will keep an eye on it. I really love having my charge HR.

I hope your week is off to a good start and that every one of you is healthy! Let’s kill it this week!


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