I Survived

I survived this crazy illness and am back on the mend. I can’t even believe how sick I was. I’m still sick, but have had no fever for 2 days now šŸ™‚ I felt good enough to do some light cleaning (swept and mopped the dining room floor). I caught myself out of breath a few times….ugh.

I haven’t worked out since Monday. I really do miss it! I’m hoping I can run tomorrow at lunch, though, I still don’t know if that is realistic or not, as I’m still battling bronchitis.

I ended March sick, but looking back at the month in a great place!


I did pretty good this month!

I’ve made some April goals, too:


And here is what my “journal” for April looks like:


I don’t think I’ll have a problem hitting 236.2 lbs (which mistakenly says 236.4 lbs in my April goal pic) BC I am already at 238.4 lbs. I’m actually hoping I can get under 235!

I plan on doing this by pushing myself a bit harder in each workout and watching my carbs a little more closely, not eating as many Atkins bars…..instead letting my carbs come from more veggies šŸ™‚

I am really looking forward to this month! It’s so my birthday month!!! But, no birthday until the end. I hope you all are feeling good and have set your own April goals!!

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