Weigh In Wednesday: Week 14


IDK how, but I did it. I stepped on that scale this morning and it read 242.0 lbs, which puts me down 30.8 lbs!

I started off the week great. Monday was awesome – I pushed myself harder and ate fairly good. Then, while I was sleeping Monday night, my chest got heavy. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My body ached and I was running a fever of 102 all day. I went to the doc because I felt so horrible. I didn’t have the flu or pneumonia, but, instead, a super quick onset of bronchitis.

I ate what I could yesterday, which included high carb convenient things – Like cereal bars, pop tarts, etc. I was still under 2000 calories by the end of the day.

I didn’t work out, obviously. And I am still running a fever :/ so, I won’t be working out today either. But I did it!

I guess fevers burn more calories, lol.

5 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday: Week 14

  1. Sorry to hear you are sick 😦 But sometimes we have a big loss when we deviate from our normal eating. Some of my biggest losses have been after a huge day of eating, and I’ve noticed that trend in other people as well. Your body is saying “Thank you” 😉 Then you get back on track and your metabolism does wonderful things. Hope you feel better soon!

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