“Real” First Day Of Vacation

Hello Monday πŸ™‚ And hello to no work! I just got back from picking my son up at preschool. I slept in until 6:30 this morning, which was really nice.

I already did the dishes and plan on doing some deep cleaning later.

I didn’t eat too horribly this weekend. However, I did eat a bit higher carb than I should have, but nothing too crazy.

We bought a gas grill this weekend. I love grilling and grilled food. We have a charcoal grill and it takes forever to get it started and then takes longer to cook the food. So, this was a great buy, especially since I’m eating low carb now. I grilled steaks last night and I’m grilling pork chops tonight πŸ™‚

I ran hard on the elliptical today! Woohoo!! 40 min and 4.3 miles! I averaged  9:18 mile for all four! 662 calories incinerated! I was a very sweaty girl when I finished. (Please excuse the no makeup look. I am on vacation, lol)


I’m trying hard to hit my 30lb milestone this week. I’m not due to hit it until next week, but I’m hoping to create a bit of a buffer again!

I have all my food logged in MyFitnessPal for today and I’m under 1100 calories, so, I’m gonna need to throw in a few more calories at some point. Probably with the afternoon snack πŸ™‚

All in all, I am feeling great and the week is off to a nice start!!

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