Cracking Down This Week

That’s exactly what I’m doing…. cracking down on my eating this week.

No extras. Nothing high carb. No fast food at all. Hitting the elliptical hard. Hitting my arms hard this week, too. My typical day is going to look like this this week (this is today’s schedule and meals):

5:30am – coffee
7:00am – 2 eggs, scrambled in bacon grease
9:30am – 2 eggs , scrambled in bacon grease
10:00am – 5 min arm workout in the bathroom at work.
11:00am – 3-1/2 mile run on the elliptical
11:40am – 1/2 turkey sandwich made with one slice Healthy Life whole wheat bread, turkey and veggies, 1 cup beef broth, 1 Atkins daybreak chocolate shake.
2:00pm – 4 Old Wisconsin turkey sticks
3:30pm – 5 min arm workout in the bathroom at work.
5:30 – Dinner (chicken tenderloins baked with Birds Eye Ready For Grilling veggies and green beans, topped with Campbell’s Chicken Pot Pie Oven Sauce.

That’ll take me to right over 1100 calories for the day and approx 34 net carbs…burning approx 500 calories from my workouts.

My bfasts, lunch, and snacks will remain unchanged each day 🙂 I think I’ll be able to reset my body from my horrible eating yesterday!

Good luck to everyone in the same boat!

5 thoughts on “Cracking Down This Week

  1. monday’s are always hard. hard because you’ve got to reboot yourself after all the cheating on the weekend but they’re also my most motivated day. after binging all weekend i find i’m the most willing to push myself on monday…even though the cravings are terrible! good luck today, i’m right there with you. i had pizza, cake, mexican food, beer, wine and prosecco this weekend. ahhhhh!!!

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