Low Carb Done Wrong

That’s me today…. Low carb done wrong….

Horrible cheat day. Cheating on low carb was not my intention. I even planned, but fell hostage to my “who cares now” mentality once I checked how many calories were in the two burger patties I had just eaten – a whopping 330 calories EACH!!!!!!! WTFrick.

That led to me having a very small piece of pineapple upside down cake, followed by cookie, then a second cookie….big cookies….think Subway cookies. It’s 3pm and I’ve already consumed 2400 calories. Ugh…

So this week is going to be interesting….I hope I can reverse this day. Super disappointed in myself.

One thought on “Low Carb Done Wrong

  1. You can do it. On some of the weight lifting orientated low carb plans, they incorporate a refeed/carb up day. E.g. look up Carb Nite, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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