Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 12


It’s that day again. I’m gonna be honest with you, I was a bit worried about today’s weigh in. Friday night we went to the Mexican restaurant in our little town and I splurged on chips and salsa (usually I can combat this craving while there).

Saturday I did really amazing until it was time for our get-together that evening. I had a chef’s salad, which was yummy, but I was still hungry. Apparently, a salad is not good enough at night…the hostess had made sloppy joes for everybody – lean ground beef, onions, brown sugar, catsup, and mustard. I ended up eating a serving of that, too – no bun though. Then I had a handful of Lays chips…and a small dollop of the dessert, which was this cool whip type chocolate dessert…it wasn’t very good, but it satisfied my sweet tooth.

Sunday rolled around and I ate okay for most of the day. We had to go to church at night because my father-in-law was being ordained. The husband and I spoke before hand and we were going to stop for dinner before we left, however, he was helping his brother pick up some furniture. The service started at 6pm. It takes 20 min to get there from our house. My husband rolled in at 5:20….needless to say, we had no time for dinner…so we went out afterwards…since it was so late, we hit fast food and at that point I was so hungry that I didn’t care what I ate. I ended up ordering an Asiago chicken sandwich and fries….I ate it all…..

So, I watched my carbs and calories closely Monday and yesterday, but because I gave into carbs over the weekend, my body was no longer in ketosis and I was hungry….this is why those of us living low carb shouldn’t cheat….when your body is in ketosis, you’re satisfied with less calories, less carbs…you don’t crave sugary things…when you’re not in ketosis you need more food to be satisfied…you crave carbs….ugh….So, while I followed low carb and watched my calories closely yesterday daytime, night time was harder…it’s my kid’s snack day today and I bought pretzels and Jif To-Go peanut butter…I had a few pretzels, a little peanut butter, and a slice of cheese all before dinner!!! We had tacos for dinner. I generally eat one burrito – on an Extreme Wellness low carb tortilla….well, I was not satisfied with just one and had two burritos…now I felt guilty, bloated, and horrible.

So, what’s a girl to do? Well, I decided to workout again. I ran on the elliptical for another 20 min…it was harder, obviously, since I had already worked out…I ended the day with 1785 calories and 73 net carbs; however, my FitBit says I burned 3484 calories total yesterday (calories for just living and for my activity), so I guess I’m okay….now, if I could only get rid of these cravings….

Anyway, my goal for today was to hit 247.0 lbs. I weighed in at 245.6 lbs! So, I did lose and I still have a small buffer 🙂 That’s a loss of 1.4 lbs from last week. Now I have to spend the next three days eating really low carb to get my body back into ketosis….

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