I Am Stronger Than My Excuses!


^^This!!! Yes! Today I was stronger than my excuses 🙂 I hit mile two of three and was feeling awfully tired since I did a double workout yesterday…my pace was slower, my feet were burning, my legs hurt… I tried to rationalize with myself that it would be ok to stop at 2.5 miles – that I had ‘earned’ it. When I reached 2.5 miles, I decided to go another quarter mile. When I reached 2.75 miles I thought “wth, I might as well finish it out.” And I continued to run. I hit 3 miles in just over 28 min. Was it slower than normal? Yes it was, but I ran with a resistance the entire time, so I am not ashamed nor disappointed in my time.

The bottom line is that I did it even though I didn’t want to. My body was yelling at me. I had valid excuses to stop. But, I didn’t and sweat was pouring off of me when I finished. It was an awesome workout even though my mind was trying to convince myself to cut it short. That, my dear friends, is being stronger than my excuses!!

“Pain is temporary; Quitting lasts forever”

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