Weigh In Wednesday – Week 11


Weigh In Wednesday already? Yes!

I stepped on that scale this morning and was at 247.0 lbs exactly. How annoying! That’s a 0.4 lb loss from last Wednesday. I think I’m bummed because Friday or Saturday I weighed in at 245.4 lbs….I was expecting an official weigh in showing at least that, argh

But, I didn’t gain and I didn’t maintain. I still lost. So that is something to celebrate.

I’m being too lenient with myself. I need to hunker down again….ramp up my run on the elliptical – add some more strength training. My legs are getting more defined, but my arms are not…..I’m thinking about trying to lift while running on the elliptical…I’m also going to try out running backwards on the elliptical to work different muscles 🙂

I’m still eating low(er) carb, but not as strictly as before. Yesterday, for instance, I was at 75 net carbs – WOW! I need to nip that quickly. That’s my “maintenance” amount…..I don’t want to maintain, I want to lose…so, I’ve gotta get strict with myself again.

That’s about it – life is good. I hope you all are having good weigh-ins this week!!


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