March Is Here!!

Well, folks, March is here! February left with a bang! Life is good. My weight loss journey is going good. Though, I am finding myself getting a little lenient with what I allow myself to eat…..need to nip that in the bud soon!

My February calendar turned out pretty positive:


I ended the month still 3 lbs ahead of schedule 💕 I also worked out a lot!

Since March is here, it is time for a new set of goals:

1. Consistently add resistance to the elliptical (instead of just speed).
2. Hit 243.4 lbs by March 31st.
3. Add more strength training
4. Try 3 new recipes.

My problem with the elliptical is that I want to beat my fastest record, so instead of adding resistance to keep my heart rate up, I’ve been adding speed. However, my legs will get more toned if I add resistance….

I am really loving the changes so far. I noticed that my spare tire is smaller (hahahaha) and clothing is fitting looser. I also love my energy level. This working out on my lunch hour was the best idea I’ve had in a long time 😁

Anyway, I’ll shut up now! I hope you all areย  kicking the month off in a great way. Have a good day!!

2 thoughts on “March Is Here!!

  1. Awesome goals! You are right, resistance is awesome! I love resistance and weights. Even during HIIT without I will usually pick up a set of dumbbells. Muscle equals lean and extra fat burn. Way to set goals and stick with them! ๐Ÿ™‚

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